Hanna Instruments – Smithfield

Hanna Instruments Smithfield- General Contracting


Project Description

Project: Interior/Exterior Office & Warehouse Renovation
Location: Smithfield, RI
Year Completed: 2012
Project Manager: Ernie Nadeau

Hanna Instruments found itself needing to expand from its existing USA  headquarters in Woonsocket, RI. When Nadeau got involved, this was an existing, partially completed structure in need of an exterior makeover and a 35,000 sq ft. interior renovation. Minor upgrades were made to 17,500 sq. ft of warehouse space and another interior space of equal size was completely renovated to create state of the art work space for sales offices, administration, testing, inspection, and training spaces. Together with Vision 3 architects, the aggressive budget and strict time constraints were met by our team.

About the Client

Hanna Instruments is a global leader in high tech electro-analytical instrumentation. From an original idea for a product to the finished good they are in control of the entire process. Hanna Instruments employs their own engineers that design the circuits and program the firmware for the meters. They use surface mounted technology machines (SMT) to populate the circuit boards, injection molding machines to make the meter cases and other plastics, chemical manufacturing for solutions and reagents, glass blowers for the manufacture of pH and ORP electrodes, and even the printing of the packaging materials.  Everything is done in-house to ensure quality. Hanna is headquartered in Woonsocket, RI.