Pre-engineered steel building


Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings have come a long way since the rudimentary farm buildings of the 1950’s. Today, you probably have been inside one and didn’t even realize it. Of course they are still perfect solutions for utilitarian distribution warehouses, but the recent aesthetic advancements make them a great fit for gymnasiums, auto dealerships, churches, office buildings, schools, and much more.

Owner Benefits

Pre-Engineered systems can generate significant savings in overall construction costs. There are many variables that go into a construction project and when you select the metal building route you’re essentially increasing efficiency at every turn. Standardization and technology assisted design reduces the time spent on planning, on-site organization, and construction. This can translate to reducing construction cycles by up to a 1/3 when compared to other methods. This gets Owners into the building earlier so they can start generating revenue quicker and realize their return on investment sooner.  The insulated roof and wall systems can also significantly reduce HVAC operating expenses after construction.

Why Choose Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

•    Reduced overall construction costs
•    Accelerated project schedules
•    Reduced operating expenses
•    Simplified design and code process
•    Single source, streamlined project delivery
•    Reduced maintenance, cracking, rot, and insect damage.
•    Easy to expand upon to accommodate future growth.
•    Aesthetically pleasing exterior façade solutions