umass atrium- nadeau corp


Project Description

Project: Campus Center Atrium Renovation
Location: Boston, MA
Year Completed: 2013
Project Manager: David D’Angelo

Noise from students in the common areas of the Atrium was flowing into the 2nd and 3rd floor offices causing noise interference between floors and disturbing the administrative staff.  A solution was formulated where Nadeau could add structural framing for concealed window frames behind the drywall and install glass panels in the second and third floor openings of the Campus Center office wing. Placing glass in these 32 openings ensured reduction of noise transfer, however Nadeau’s team had to overcome the challenge of operating in an occupied space without disrupting ongoing student and office activities.

About the Client

UMass Boston’s oceanfront campus is minutes from downtown Boston and nationally recognized as a student-centered urban public research university.