solar panels on home


As efficiency becomes much more commonplace in the commercial, residential, and institutional sectors, construction firms either need to get up to speed or be left behind. Nadeau Corp has positioned our company to further assist our clients as this green trend becomes the new standard. Nadeau Corp. has teamed up with US Solar Works, another forward-looking company headquartered in downtown Attleboro, to offer solar solutions to past, existing and future clients.

Getting Started

We’ve put in place a program where business owners and homeowners alike can call and have teams visit their location(s) for an energy audit. A complete feasibility study is done to calculate ROI and other crucial aspects of the project so that an intelligent decision can be made. It helps clients learn to think about energy needs as what they’ve become; a long-term financial investment with positive returns.

Why Choose Solar?

  • You’ll get to save money … and the planet
  • Eliminate your electricity payments for decades
  • Gain substantial tax credits and incentives
  • Add equity to your commercial building or home
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Avoid the rising cost of fossil fuels
  • Show that you care about the environment
  • Warranties will ensure that your system produces electricity for decades
  • Owning your electricity means no unexpected rate increases